Walk Cambridge - Walk Leaders

Walk Leaders

Each week's walk is planned and led by a volunteer. Without these walk leaders, Walk Cambridge would not exist! To keep the group running and to prevent the committee from getting too tired, we are always on the lookout for new volunteers. If you enjoy walking with the group, why not lead a walk to show off your local area and help to keep the group running?


When planning a walk, you may want to consider:

  • Area: Does the area you would like to lead your walk have sufficient footpaths to plan a suitable route?
  • Start point: It is useful, but not a requirement, for the start and end points to be close to public transport so that those without access to a car can still join.
  • Lunch stop: You might want to make sure there is somewhere to sit for lunch. A good spot of grass or a big log will be fine.
  • Distance: Walk Cambridge walks are usually between 6 and 13 miles in length.
  • Duration: For an average length walk, the pace of the group is about 2mph when a lunch stop and a pub stop are taken into account.

Once your walk is planned, you should recce it to make sure the route is suitable and to make navigation on the day easier. You should also make sure you are a member of The Ramblers so that you are covered by their insurance.

What next?

If you would like to support the group by leading a walk, get in touch with the Walks Co-ordinator or join us for one of our regular walk planning meetings (usually combined with a Pub Meet social). If you're unsure about leading, a committee member will be happy to help you plan your walk and can join you on the day to lend a hand. Once you have a date and your walk is planned, send a description of your walk, including start time and location, to the Walks Co-ordinator and the Webmaster so that it can be advertised.

This information, along with some other useful guides and checklists for Walk Leaders, is available on The Ramblers Walk Leader Toolkit page.