Walk Cambridge - Walk Diary

Walk Diary

Remember to bring a packed lunch and something to drink on all walks!

**** Reminder: you are welcome to join the group for no more than 2-3 walks. After that, you are kindly invited to become a member of Ramblers UK! Membership is roughly £3/months single or about £4/month as a couple and entitles you to join any Ramblers walks or weekends away in the UK. Being a group member on Meetup or Facebook does not classify as Ramblers member. ****

Saturday 20th July - St. Ives and Fen Drayton Lakes circular - 12 miles - Grade: Leisurely
Meet at 11:00 at St Ives Bus Station (not the Park and Ride but the next stop).
A river and lake walk, through St Ives, across the weir at Houghton, then to Hemingford Grey, where we'll stop for lunch.  There's a pub close to that point.  We'll then follow the road past a windmill, come through the marina, and rejoin the river until we reach Fen Drayton Lakes, where it's worth spending some time bird spotting.  There's a guided bus stop there for anyone who wants to leave at that point.  There are then 2 miles remaining to St Ives.
There is the option for dinner in Amore (the Italian restaurant in St Ives) after the walk.  We could aim for 18:45, so that anyone travelling on the bus to Cambridge would have plenty of time to catch the one at 20:40.  If you would like to do this please let Gary know by the morning of Wednesday 17th July morning so that he can book a table.
Leader: Gary (07401 438009)

Saturday 27th July - The White Cliffs of Dover & 3 castles - 11 miles - Grade: Leisurely
First we visit Dover Castle, occupied and fought over since the Romans to WWII.  For those who don't wish to see it, meet in front of the castle at noon.  Next it's off to the famous white cliffs.  After trying to see France, we'll have our packed lunches by a lighthouse which now has a cafe.  Then it is further along the cliffs, until they taper down and pass Walmer Castle, once occupied by Wellington.  We next follow the beach to Deal, and after passing the unusual Deal Castle, built by Henry VIII, we stop at the pier and then have dinner before the long journey back to Cambridge.
For those traveling by train, we will meet at 8am for 8:14 train to London.  For those travelling by car, meet at Dover Prior station at 10:42, and for those not interested in the castle, meet at the entrance of Dover Castle at noon.
Leader: David (07578 323410)

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Description of Walk Grading System

Easy: Short walks (6 miles or less) on good quality paths with no difficult terrain. These walks should be suitable for anybody in their 20s or 30s who doesn't have a mobility disability and are particularly suitable for people who have done little walking before.

Leisurely: Slightly more difficult walks which represent the majority of walks we undertake. These walks may be longer (up to 12 miles) and while the paths will still generally be good, a few sections may be steep, muddy, rough or overgrown, so boots or good quality walking shoes are recommended. These walks should still be suitable for the large majority of people in our age group.
Moderate: More energetic walks still, either because they are long (>12 miles), have significant hills, are likely to be very muddy or overgrown or because a faster pace is expected. Walking boots are strongly recommended. Suitable for reasonably fit people with some walking experience, but may not be a good choice for your first walk with us if you haven't done much walking before.
Strenuous: Very long walks or those covering very hilly terrain, suitable for experienced walkers of above average fitness. If in doubt about your fitness, contact the leader beforehand. These walks are unusual on our main programme, but may feature in some of our weekends away.