Walk Cambridge - Walk Diary

Walk Diary

Remember to bring a packed lunch and something to drink on all walks!

Saturday 28th October - Newmarket Circular. Distance: 7 miles. Grade: Leisurely
Meet at 11:00 at Newmarket Station. Take the 10.44am train from Cambridge which arrives at Newmarket at 11.03am; return trains are every hour. Walk to Snailwell for packed lunch and drinks, returning via the Jockey Club grounds. Great views over to Ely. Train fare to Newmarket is £7.20 return from Cambridge.
Leader: Paul H. (07913 203620)

Saturday 11th November - Wimbledon Monopoly Walk and Dinner. 6 miles - Grade: Leisurely
Meeting point is Wimbledon tube/train station (zone 3) at 2:15pm. From Cambridge, the quickest route is to take the Victoria Line from Kings Cross or Finsbury Park to Vauxhall and change there for the ten minute hop on National Rail services to Wimbledon (the 14:01 departure from Vauxhall is the last before the meeting time). 12.17 is probably the best Cambridge departure to get, but other travel options including buses, tubes and trams are available. Travelcard is ideal.
This themed walk will take in the sights of Wimbledon. We'll split into teams, with each team deciding on a route to visit the sights (the list of sights will be provided at the start of the walk). Points are awarded for visiting each sight; teams take a photo to show that they got there. The team with the most points at the end of the afternoon wins a small prize. Please bring a camera or camera phone, a pen and a map (on your phone or otherwise) if you can.
The duration of the walk will be about 2.5 hours; mileage for each team will depend on their pace. Six miles is about average. We'll finish in the Hand in Hand pub near Wimbledon Common, about 20mins walk from Wimbledon station, where we'll work out which team has won. Food as well as drink is available there.
Leader: Rich T. (07980 315065)

Sunday 19th November - Circular walk from St Neots. 8 miles - Grade: Leisurely
Meet at St. Neots Market Square at 10:30am (sat nav PE19 2BQ). If travel from Cambridge via public transport, X5 bus will take you from Cambridge Parkside (bay 16) at 9:40 and arrive St. Neots Market Square at 10:20. Return bus is every 30 mins from the market square.Make sure to buy a day pass as it strangely is quite a bit cheaper than a return ticket. There is a long stay car park by the river (sat nav PE19 7SD) costing £2 for the whole day. The market square and Riverside car park are just a bridge apart. Please bring a packed lunch.
We will head out from the town through Priory Park, by Loves Farm, then walk eastwards before turning towards Croxton, and return to St. Neots via some fields. Pub stop will be at Rivermill Tavern by Eaton Socon Weir towards the end. To finish the walk we will leisurely stroll along the willow-strewn Great River Ouse (part of Ouse Valley Way, personally I think this part of the Ouse is more atmospheric than the Cam, you have to tell me if you agree afterwards!).
Leader: Mei (07787 793472)

Upcoming walks by Stag Walkers (who kindly extend invitation to other Ramblers groups):

Sunday 8th October - London Tour. 7.5 miles - Grade: Leisurely
Meet by Harry Potter Platform 9¾ at Kings Cross station from 10:35am and leave from there for tube at 10:45am
A walk to see the sites of London. We'll start by London Liverpool Street and walk to the Tower of London then over Tower Bridge and along the South Bank: seeing the replica of the Golden Hind, the Tate Modern, Globe and London Eye. Next its across the Thames to go by Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar and Leicester Squares and over to St Paul Cathedral. After seeing the ruins of London's old city walls, its back to to Liverpool Street to get the tube to King's Cross and train back to Hitchin.
Bring packed lunch for lunch sitting along the South Bank. Later we will find a pub enroute to Liverpool Street.
Leader: David K. (07578 323410)

Sunday 15th October - St Neots to Huntingdon. 10 miles - Grade: Moderate
Meet at St Neots rail station at 10.30am (TL188293, SG4 9SP). A beautiful walk following the Ouse. Taking in Paxton Nature Reserve and the picturesque Cambridgeshire countryside. Lots of opportunities to spot wildlife. Trains back are hourly and will cost £2.40
Leader: Claire (stagwalkers@gmail.com)

Description of Walk Grading System
Easy: Short walks (6 miles or less) on good quality paths with no difficult terrain. These walks should be suitable for anybody in their 20s or 30s who doesn't have a mobility disability and are particularly suitable for people who have done little walking before.
Leisurely: Slightly more difficult walks which represent the majority of walks we undertake. These walks may be longer (up to 12 miles) and while the paths will still generally be good, a few sections may be steep, muddy, rough or overgrown, so boots or good quality walking shoes are recommended. These walks should still be suitable for the large majority of people in our age group.
Moderate: More energetic walks still, either because they are long (>12 miles), have significant hills, are likely to be very muddy or overgrown or because a faster pace is expected. Walking boots are strongly recommended. Suitable for reasonably fit people with some walking experience, but may not be a good choice for your first walk with us if you haven't done much walking before.
Strenuous: Very long walks or those covering very hilly terrain, suitable for experienced walkers of above average fitness. If in doubt about your fitness, contact the leader beforehand. These walks are unusual on our main programme, but may feature in some of our weekends away.